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How to live stream broadcast quality CONTENT REMOTELY

The current government social distancing guidelines have increased the need for remote reporting, fuelling a demand for live streaming solutions. To really connect with your audience, it's important to ensure that the content you are live streaming is of the highest quality possible, and this is easier to achieve than most people think. 

To ensure your content looks great you will need three things: a professional camera, good lighting and a quality microphone. To stream you will require a capture device, like the Blackmagic Design UltraStudio, which is available with thunderbolt for Mac, or USB for PC. To begin you simply install the software, connect the UltraStudio device to your Mac or PC, connect the camera via the SDI port or HDMI port on the UltraStudio (ensuring you have a clean feed) and you’re good to go. Once the equipment is set up you can live stream from your professional camera to your preferred platform, whether that be YouTube, Facebook or even a Zoom conference.

This is what you’ll need to take your live streaming to the next level:

1. A broadcast quality camera with a clean SDI or HDMI output

2. A basic lighting set up

3. Sound – at the very least, make sure your camera has a quality top mic

4. A Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Capture Device

5. A Mac or PC / Laptop (with a stable internet connection)

6. Stream to your desired platform directly, or using streaming software

All of the above can be hired from your local Procam branch. Should you require any assistance with your live stream, or require any advice about the set-up, our technical team are here to help. Just give us a call on +44 (0)20 7622 9888.

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