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The following document outlines the current safety protocols and changed operations Procam Take 2 has implemented, following advice from the our safety consultants First Option, in line with the APA’s Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines and UK Broadcaster’s TV Production Guidance. This includes having a functioning and thorough sanitation process, a comprehensive risk assessment, and robust health & safety policies in place. We will continue to monitor the advice given and update our procedures, as necessary. The health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public remains our number one priority, and minimising the spread of the virus is of paramount importance to us.


  • All employees who can work from home will continue to do so
  • Only key staff are permitted on-site
  • On-site staff are working on a split shift basis to minimise contact
  • A manager is allocated to ensure social distancing measures and safety protocols are followed
  • One point of entry, and a one-way system has been introduced to maintain social distancing
  • Anyone entering the premises is required to have their temperature checked and declare that no one in their household is showing symptoms or self-isolating
  • All employees are encouraged to follow strict hygiene practices
  • All employees have been provided with PPE, including masks, visors and gloves
  • CV19 Induction Training is given to all employees required to work on-site - covering the correct use of PPE, social distancing, hygiene practices, and how to disinfect equipment effectively
  • Signage outlining health and safety protocols, and social distancing guidelines is prominent across our premises
  • All meetings are to be conducted remotely unless impossible to do so
  • Any essential visitors must abide by the hygiene and safety protocols outlined, and remain within specific areas designated for visitors for the duration of their visit
  • Our site is cleaned regularly, with attention to high-traffic areas
  • In high-traffic areas door handles have been replaced with foot handles


  • All equipment is cleaned and disinfected upon entry into the building as part of our check-in process using disinfectant spray and alcohol wipes, then again when prepped for hire
  • ‘Equipment Sanitised’ tags are affixed to any equipment prepped for hire, to provide a visible notification to clients that the equipment has been disinfected
  • We have conducted a comprehensive risk assessment, which can be supplied upon request


  • Every driver has a designated van, PDA and PPE
  • All drivers carry an alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • All equipment deliveries and collections made by our drivers are contactless
  • Drivers will not be handing over PDA devices to capture signatures but instead log the name of the person accepting the item


  • Telecoms systems are in place, allowing contactless collections and drop-offs at our loading bays
  • Anyone collecting will be asked to wait inside their vehicle, or outside of the building until the equipment is ready to collect


  • We have conducted a risk assessment for all internal and external crew
  • All crew supplied by Procam Take 2 will receive our CV19 Induction Training and abide by the health and safety procedures and hygiene practices outlined by production
  • Crew will avoid public transport wherever possible and instead use a designated Procam Take 2 vehicle
  • Upon request – crew members will be allocated PPE when hired for any production
  • Cleaning and sanitising supplies can be allocated to any crew member on an equipment hire longer than 2 consecutive days


Should you require more information regarding our operational measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please contact our dedicated team on info@procamtake2.com

For any present or future rental enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our bookings team, using the contact details for your local branch below:

London: +44 (0)20 7622 9888 /london@procamtake2.com
Manchester: +44 (0)161 604 0701 / manchester@procamtake2.com  
Glasgow: +44 (0)141 429 4200 / glasgow@procamtake2.com
Edinburgh: +44 (0)131 229 5000 / edinburgh@procamtake2.com
New York: +1 212 633 1888 / newyork@procamtake2.com

As your dedicated partner, we look forward to helping you proceed with your productions in the safest way possible.


First Option’s Covid-19 Production Guidance

APA’s Covid-19 Shooting Guidelines

UK Broadcaster’s TV Production Guidance

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