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Procam Supports BAFTA's Albert and Good Energy to Reduce TV and Film Carbon Footprint

Tuesday 28th March 2017
The Bafta Albert logo for Creative Energy

Bafta-led sustainability initiative Albert has joined forces with renewable electricity provider Good Energy to support the creative industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. 

The collaboration, which forms part of Albert’s Creative Energy Project, aims to make renewable electricity affordable for creative organisations.

Production companies, facilities firms and media organisations that have already signed up to the service include Mammoth Films, Baby Cow, Films at 59, Splice, Halo Post Production, Neal Street Productions, Procam, Band Films, CPL Productions, Take 2 Productions, Incentive Pictures, Splice, Directors UK and Bafta. 

According to Albert, approximately 13 tonnes of carbon emissions are associated with the production of one hour’s worth of content with almost 60% of those emissions from electricity.

Steve Smith of Directors UK said: “When the Creative Energy quote for electricity arrived at Directors UK it was considerably cheaper than either our existing dirty energy provider or any other quote we received.  We are delighted to be part of this very important initiative.”

Bafta chief operating officer and Albert consortium chair Kevin Price said: “The international community have made some strong commitments for carbon reduction and we are delighted to be working with Good Energy to help make those commitments a reality. 

“The industry has a tendency to focus on tangible environmental impacts but it’s electricity where the largest impact lies and where we must focus our attention.

We look forward to Bafta having it’s very own wind turbine one day!”

Procam group marketing manager Allison Duval added: “We are pleased to be part of Albert’s Creative Energy initiative and its mission in leading the entire industry towards renewable energy and greener content creation.

“Procam is committed to ensuring that our transition to renewable energy sources efficiently reduces our carbon footprint, whilst maintaining maximum productivity – a win-win.”

as published in Broadcast Magazine

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