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Tuesday 09th May 2023

Procam Take 2 held its ‘Where Cinematography Meets Virtual Production’ event on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of May 2023, at Garden Studios, Lily Campus, in partnership with Anna Valley, supported by Granger Hertzog and Window Zebra.

Presented by PT2’s in-house DOP and Head of Training, Saul Gittens, Garden Studio’s Virtual Production Lead, Sam Kemp, and Garden Studio’s Senior Technical Artist, Liam Wedge, the hands-on event covered all things VP including motion capture, on-set actor performance, lighting effects, camera tracking, colour calibration, extended bit depth, Unreal Engine 5, and more.

The event saw some of Europe’s best-known cinematographers, producers and other industry professionals get hands-on with practical demos, testing the latest camera kit & lenses, and networking. Attendees were shown four different VP scenes within each one-day demo, demonstrating the sustainability & time-effectiveness of working with Virtual Production as an alternative to on-set filming. These scenes included: a desert driving shot, an evening driving shot, an alleyway encounter & a classroom environment.

With regular practical break-out sessions, the attendees were able to put their own VP skills to the test on Garden Studios' 7700 sq ft sound stage, as well as check out some of PT2’s newest kit in the sofa set-up, including an ARRI Alexa Mini LF with ARRI Signature Prime Lens, a Sony Venice 2 with 18-100mm Cooke Varotal Lens, an ARRI Alexa 35 with Hawk V-Lite Anamorphic Primes and a RED V-Raptor with Cooke S8/I FF Prime lens.

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Thank you to all who attended, we hope to see you again soon!

Watch a video of the highlights on our socials here

Photos & Highlight Reel by Phil Davis.