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Procam Take 2 Supplies Camera Kit for Carbon Neutral Virtual Production Film

Wednesday 11th August 2021
Virtual production demo reel at Garden Studios

Photo: MadeBrave

A carbon neutral virtual production film, produced by Quite Brilliant in collaboration with MadeBrave and Arts Alliance, was filmed at Garden Studios in June 2021 with camera equipment from Procam Take 2 London, including a RED Ranger Monstro 8K VV and Leitz Summilux-C Primes.

With a carbon footprint of less than 1% of a traditional multi-location shoot, the short film (and behind the scenes video) showcases the benefits of virtual production, highlighting the environmental impact and potential to vastly reduce the film & TV industry's carbon emissions.

Watch both the film 'Lights, Climate, Action! The Sustainability Benefits of Virtual Production' and behind the scenes video below.

More info about the project can be found on MadeBrave's blog ‘Three Things Brands Can Do to Help Tackle Their Sustainability Goals’:

Read about the sustainability benefits in this article on Campaign: