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Procam Take 2 is certified as Carbon Neutral through BAFTA’s sustainability division, Albert

Wednesday 17th November 2021

Procam Take 2 is proud to have been certified as Carbon Neutral through BAFTA’s sustainability division, Albert, and added to their list of certified suppliers in the UK.

Albert is the leading authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV, bringing the screen industries together to tackle our environmental impact and inspire sustainable production.

Its mission has evolved over time from a project that enabled a production to understand its impact, to one which sees the creative industries as a leader in helping society understand the opportunity to protect the planet.

Procam Take 2's commitment to the industry is not only to set the standards for exceptional service and support, but we also play an active role in promoting sustainable working practises. We have implemented a number of initiatives across our offices - including a zero landfill policy, watercoolers from AquAid and 100% renewable energy - and have reduced our environmental impact through Albert’s Creative Offsets, a bespoke scheme to help film and TV productions offset their unavoidable emissions by supporting impactful carbon finance projects around the world. Click here to view our Environmental Policy.

Whatever your role in the industry, there are ways Albert can help you make a positive difference for the environment. Get in touch with the team over at wearealbert.org/ for more information.

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