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Procam Take 2 Partners with Garden Studios

Friday 18th December 2020
Garden Studios Park Royal

Procam Take 2 is proud to support the opening of Garden Studios, a state-of-the-art creative hub offering some of the best facilities for film and television production in the UK. Partnering with Arts Alliance, Procam and Take 2 Films will provide cinematography equipment and crew for the Park Royal based studios.

Read the full announcement press release below:


New film studio to open in Central London in 2021

Today, Arts Alliance announces Garden Studios, a brand new creative hub that will bring together learning, research and production with a total of 62,000 sq ft in Park Royal. With an emphasis on sustainability, education and community, the studio will offer some of the best facilities for film and television production in the UK, all in Central London. Being positioned just seven miles from Soho, and a short cycle for the many creative West Londoners, this innovative facility will provide a convenient and creative haven for international talent.

Garden Studios comprises 3 sound stages and a specialised Virtual Production stage, workshops, technical facilities, and fully equipped offices. At the centre of the facility is a world-class Virtual Production stage offering the most up to date and sustainable technology; driving innovation and creativity for productions of all sizes. The Virtual Production Stage is currently available for use. This comprehensive offering is designed to be talent, nature and community friendly.

The facility is committed to creating a sustainable environment, by offsetting its carbon footprint through reducing travel. It will be committed to working with a wide variety of local suppliers from prop designers, editors, sound designers, producers, electricians, carpenters to local catering companies, electric car service and other client services. Garden Studios will encourage recycling; make set design more sustainable through reuse and carefully sourced materials, and through the use of new technologies and the Virtual Production offering, Garden Studios will reduce the need for multi-location shoots; creating a greener option for all productions. We encourage anyone who is interested in this exciting new format to contact us. We will host open days for industry professionals to learn and explore collaborations as soon as we can.

Education, diversity, inclusion and community integration will be at the heart of Garden Studios. The studios will create entry-level jobs and training opportunities. Through its established educational partnership with MetFilm School, the studio will also be initiating an apprenticeship programme working with West London College.

Founder and CEO of Arts Alliance, Thomas Hoegh said: “This will be an owner-operated business; spearheaded by people who have long and deep experience across many aspects of the film industry with success stories like Picturehouse Cinemas, Love Film, Arts Alliance Media, Met Filmschool and Park Circus under our belts. Like all Arts Alliance companies, we seek to demonstrate an innovative and passionate drive for inclusive community building, learning, and opportunities for all.”

Garden Studios Manager, Marnie Keeling said: “I am delighted to be part of this exciting new film studio and to be working with a creative, committed and community-driven team. We are creating a unique space and hub that will be a leader in new technologies while creating a space that will feel like home. We are looking forward to welcoming the film community to Garden Studios.”


About Arts Alliance
We invest our time and capital in companies at an early stage, typically when founders have identified a problem and have created at least a prototype of their product or service. We only work on a handful of projects at a time. We prefer to focus our time and capital where we can make the biggest difference.

Every company we work with is different, and so is the way we work with them. You might find one of us working in an interim operational post, such as CFO, head of product, or legal counsel, or we might be called in to recruit key people for the team. You could also expect us to be involved at a strategic level, with brand development, and to participate in the company’s board of directors.

About Procam Take 2 
Procam Take 2 is partner at Garden Studio providing kit and crew to the studio. Procam Take 2 is Europe’s leading digital cinematography hire facility. For over 30 years, they have been providing kit and crew to many of the biggest broadcasters, production companies, event organisers and music productions throughout the UK and internationally.

Headquartered in Acton, West London, Procam Take 2’s reach includes offices in Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as New York. They employ over 150 of the country’s most talented crew and technicians to provide our clients with the utmost quality of service for their production. With a commitment to the industry and a mission to set the benchmark for exceptional service, they always stock the latest in camera technology.

About Altero Capital Partners
Altero Capital Partners have provided Capital Raising solutions for Garden Studios. Altero Capital Partners delivers a comprehensive range of innovative advisory and capital raising solutions to our clients globally. Our firm is focussed on creating long-term, sustainable value. We seek to build lasting partnerships, underpinned by trust, and use proven experience and fresh thinking to drive the highest-quality outcomes.

We are primarily corporate finance advisors with an ability to invest. We want to be aligned with our clients and typically, at a minimum, have a portion of our fee invested in the company for each transaction. We believe that alignment is crucial to ensure the credibility of our offer and the longevity of our relationships.

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