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NEW DATES - Film Loading Workshops at PT2 London

Monday 15th May 2023
Film Loading Workshops

Want to get hands-on film loading experience? Join us for an intensive 2-day film-loading workshop at Procam Take 2 London and learn the basics of film loading, handling, stock control, documentation, and lab liaison. 

Topics covered: 

  • An introduction to 16mm and 35mm ARRI camera systems 
  • Film loading basics - film stock identification, colour tape system, film stock orders and management 
  • Magazine and stock type identification 
  • Darkroom, tent, and bag etiquette 
  • Magazine case systems 
  • Magazine loading and attachment 
  • Gate checking and mag maintenance 
  • Camera notes, lab liaison and rushes reports 
  • A brief introduction to camera and lens collimation and projection for film shoots

This training is ideally suited to professional 2nd ACs / Clapper Loaders and experienced Camera Trainees who want to familiarise themselves with film cameras and practice loading 16mm and 35mm film. There will be limited tickets per workshop to ensure each attendee gets hands-on time with the cameras.

Everything you need is included, and lunch will be provided. 


Please note that these are 2-day workshops. To fully benefit from this training, we highly recommend attending both days. Each day builds upon the previous one, and attending both will ensure a comprehensive understanding of the material.


Dates: Tuesday 11th to Wednesday 12th July, 2023

Times: 9:00am - 6:00pm (both days)

Location: Unit 6 Central Park, Central Way, London, NW10 7FY

Cost: £350 + VAT


Dates: Tuesday 22nd to Wednesday 23rd August, 2023

Times: 9:00am - 6:00pm (both days)

Location: Unit 6 Central Park, Central Way, London, NW10 7FY

Cost: £350 + VAT


Dates: Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th September, 2023

Times: 9:00am - 6:00pm (both days)

Location: Unit 2, Roseberry Court, Ibrox Business Park, Ibrox, Glasgow G51 2JR

Cost: £350 + VAT


John Harper

John studied Photography for four years in Scotland before transitioning into the film and television industry after a year as a Rostrum Camera Operator, spending a couple of years as a Trainee and six as Clapper Loader. In 2001, John began Focus Pulling and did so for the next 20 years whilst also, in the later years, working as a Camera Operator. 

John's extensive credits span commercials, dramas, and feature films. Some of his notable credits include: The Railway Man, Terminator Dark Fate, World War Z, Dr Who, Sherlock, Outlander, Succession, Taggart, Rebus, Monarch of the Glen, Regeneration, Lip Service, Cloud Atlas, I Care A Lot, and Suspicion.

In 2022, John moved into the Camera Rental sector, working as a Camera Floor Supervisor at Procam Take 2. He continues to enjoy all this varied industry can offer and regularly runs training workshops to share his knowledge and experience with upcoming industry talent.

Martyn Culpan 

Martyn has been a runner, video assist, camera trainee, second AC and focus puller in a career spanning 15 years. Now in-house at PT2, he formerly worked in commercials, features and television and learned his trade on film before digital came along! He has worked as a loader on film, most recently on ‘Censor’ (2021) loading A Cam, and has a wide range of additional experience across the grades on Sherlock Holmes, War Horse, 71, Jack Ryan, Edge of Tomorrow, Iceland is Best and numerous commercials and music videos.

If you have any questions, please email updates@procamtake2.com