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From MAMA Youth to Procam

Friday 17th June 2016

Procam has continued its partnership with the MAMA Youth Project by giving young people from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to gain real world experience and further their route to employment in the industry.

On June 14th, another class of trainees graduated from the MAMA Youth program at the BBC. Procam is honoured to take on four new trainees for a 13-week placement. CEO John Brennan attended the graduation last week and personally welcomed Hayden, Elena, Josh and Aadesh to Procam.

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The relationship with MAMA Youth has been beneficial for both parties, with MAMA Youth becoming an incubator for fresh, hard-working talent. Procam’s last round of MYP trainees are now full-time employees. They took the time to reflect on their journeys from MAMA Youth to Procam.

By Natalie Brown, Camera Trainee

Prior to joining the MAMA Youth Project, I was a graduate looking for a job. I had done an English and Film Studies course at university, but knew that I wanted a more practical job. After completing work experience and working in various roles, I saw a post on Twitter about the MAMA Youth Project. I thought it seemed too good to be true, but I applied anyway.

At MYP, I learnt what hard work really was. Two weeks after the start of the course, my fellow operator dropped out so I had to do all of the shoots. This meant that I was out filming every day for long hours with production staff and other crew members beginning to rely on me. It showed me that you must be willing make sacrifices if you really want to work within a crew and that you have to really give it 100%.

Working at Procam is similar in the sense that you have to be reliable and knowledgeable. I’ve learned so much about the equipment during my time at Procam. Knowing more about the kit really helps you understand what other filmmakers can do to get the “look” that they really want in their projects. I’m currently working in the Service department which gives me an inside look at both how the equipment works and how to maintain it and respect it. I hope that in the future Procam will show me as much as they can about all of the cameras they stock, and that they will give me as many opportunities to learn more about on-set etiquette.

By Michael Ademilua, Warehouse Trainee

After finishing university, I was looking for a sound engineer job in London and I came across the MAMA Youth Project training scheme. Having studied Audio & Music Technology at university, I had a rough idea about the role of a sound recordist, but MYP did a great job of getting us trained by two different people within sound, which furthered my learning by allowing me to combine two different perspectives into one. The training scheme was really good and has given me the footpath to becoming a sound recordist/sound supervisor in the future.

After my training scheme with MYP was over, I was given a placement at Procam for 13 weeks. During this placement, I had the chance to do different things from shadowing drivers and learning how to check in and check out equipment, to learning more about the different sound mixers, as well as learning more about cameras.

After my placement at Procam, I was offered a full time position, which puts me a step closer to my goal of becoming a sound recordist, with the intention of someday becoming a sound supervisor. I am currently working in the warehouse on the check-in/check-out area, which gives me the opportunity to learn things aside from sound. I'm still hoping that I can get into the sound room soon to begin my journey towards becoming a sound supervisor. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m really enjoying my time here.

By Cory Alexis, Warehouse Trainee

I’ve always wanted to work with music and sound, so I went to college and studied music production and engineering. After college, I could not find a job that I wanted, so I tried jobs in retail but I was unhappy and unfulfilled.  I found The Mama Youth Project and was excited by the prospect of getting hands-on training in sound recording, with the support of trained professionals. 

At MYP I met like-minded people. MYP bonded us, gave us technical skills, and ensured that we learned to work as a team.  The training was hard work, with the long hours preparing us for what the work environment would be like in the real world. I learned a lot about creating a TV show, health and safety, and caring for the equipment.

My 13-week placement with Procam was challenging, yet rewarding. There was a lot to learn about how the different parts of the organisation work and how each function ensures that the company run smoothly. Procam is a great learning environment and I work hard so that I can learn as much as possible.  I particularly enjoy my time in the sound room and going on shoots. My ambition is to work my way up to the audio production crew and have a long and fulfilling career with Procam.

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