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‘Camera Skills for Researchers and APs’ course hosted by camera operator and DoP Piers Leigh at Procam Take 2

Tuesday 14th December 2021

On Saturday 27th November 2021, camera operator and DoP Piers Leigh hosted the third and final session of ‘Camera Skills for Researchers and APs: London’ at Procam Take 2’s London HQ, and due to its success we’re pleased to announce it will run again on 23rd April 2022.

The 3-part, 7-hour course provides an introduction to cameras for researchers and assistant producers who want to progress their careers and become confident saying ‘yes’ to shooting roles. It covers simple documentary sequences and filming for the edit, as well as technical aspects of camerawork with the chance to get hands-on with professional camera equipment at Procam Take 2.

In the final session participants reviewed the short films they had created as part of the programme and were invited to reflect on their experiences of the course.

Course Leader, Piers Leigh, has over 20 years of experience working as a camera operator and Director of Photography. He has worked on a wide range of programming, including drama, but the bulk of his experience is in documentary, with a particular focus on Specialist Factual. His ‘Camera Skills for Researchers and APs’ is focused on increasing the number of women in shooting roles within the industry but is open to anyone from an under-represented group - future workshops will be available for any applicant.

We are delighted to hear participants have landed their first self-shooting jobs already and look forward to welcoming another group to Procam Take 2 on 23rd April - Click here for full course details and how to sign up.

Piers' course makes shooting for television an accessible practice. First, he demystifies the process, the cameras, the expectations, and teaches from the basics to make sure each participant is both confident and competent in shooting roles. Then, Piers tunes in to each participant, their shooting strengths and their individual challenges during the course, which means that graduates emerge not just confident to take on basic shooting roles but also have a sense of their own strengths and how they can grow. Finally, the access to Procam Take 2 is a really wonderful support moving forwards.
– Holly Fathi, AP and course participant

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