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The Melodic - In Perfect Wonder Music Video

Tuesday 01st September 2015

For the latest music video by afro-folk-pop band The Melodic, In Perfect Wonder, Director of Photography (DOP) Pablo Rojo wanted to capture as much content as possible, on a very tight schedule and with a small budget. “We wanted to shoot as many of the different ideas we had and then make them work in the edit. This meant we had to shoot a lot and move very quickly to cover all the various locations and set ups.” said Pablo Rojo

Rojo turned to broadcast hire specialists Procam to find the best lightweight and versatile camera suited to the fast-paced shoot. They advised the Arri Amira as a perfect, user-friendly solution that can be put straight on the shoulder to run and shoot. “At the time I had not had the chance to use the Amira and this music video seemed like a great opportunity to get my hands on it.” said Pablo. “I found the Amira very practical and easy to use.” The Amira also had a set of distinct advantages over other cameras available in the Arri range. “Firstly the body is lighter and more compact than the Alexa which makes it easier to move around and great for handheld as it is extremely ergonomic.” said Pablo. “Each project has different needs and the Amira proved perfect for ours. It’s great for mid-range budgets where you have a small crew and a quick turn around.”

Lots of different slow-mo shots were key to the look of the video and the Amira’s quick set up was integral to the success of the shoot. “Most of what I shot is in slow motion at different frame rates. Some of them were shot at 200fps and I also used a lot of manual zooms. One shot that stood out was when we had one of our actors smashing a watermelon with a sledgehammer.” Said Rojo. “We only had two watermelons so we had to get it right. I needed to manually zoom in as it got smashed at 200fps... And we managed it!” The Amira let Rojo switch quickly and easily between different frame rates and there were also lots of grading options to create the desired retro look.

Another advantage the Amira brought to the shoot was its easy to use workflow system. Captured shots could be played back instantly to review footage, ensuring every frame was perfect for the edit. When transferring the footage to a computer, its simple drag and drop functions removed the hassle of uploading videos after the shoot.

Procam’s expert knowledge and exceptional customer service also proved to be a key factor in the smooth running of the shoot. “The team at Procam have been extremely nice and easy to deal with. John Brennan is always happy to help and very accommodating to your different needs.” Said Rojo. “I will definitely be going back to Procam for future projects.”

Check out the final cut by watching The Melodic’s In Perfect Wonder and below, discover how the team achieved the amazing shots in the behind the scenes video.

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