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Music Video: EVILE - Hell Unleashed

Wednesday 24th February 2021
Hell Unleashed

Procam London recently had the pleasure of supplying filming equipment and crew for English thrash metal band Evile's new music video, Hell Unleashed.

Director and Producer James Mansell approached Procam Take 2 for filming support. Explaining his vision for the music video, James said "After Ol Drake (Evile singer and lead guitarist) sent me the track and some of his own ideas for the video, I worked out an approach that would work both in the time we had and for the budget. The song lyrically is about Hell and the aggression of the music fits the theme perfectly, so the video needed to follow suit. Combining 19th century engravings by French artist Gustave Doré for Milton’s Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno, and a deep, bloody red performance of the band surrounded by darkness really made the video an extension of the song."

Supplied equipment includes two Canon C500 MKII camera packages paired with Cooke S4 Primes and Angenieux Optimo zoom lenses.

DOP Saul Gittens explains "I was really looking forward to my first foray into shooting with the C500 MKII as I was heavily involved with developing the package for Sky’s multi-camera Portrait and Landscape Artist Of The Year Series, so this was to be a bit of a proving ground. I must say the cameras really delivered on the day. The menus are easy to navigate and the colour rendition was fantastic. Shooting a thrash promo that predominantly uses red and a colour palate dominated by reds and oranges can be a challenge, especially for the focus. When I shot the Vidal Sassoon feature many moons ago on a Sony F800 the director set a scene that was also red heavy and using a black and white view finder was murder. I have always been a fan of the S4’s and married to the C500, they didn’t disappoint. A great promo to cut my C500 MKII baby teeth on!"

On working with Procam, James added, "working with Saul Gittens and the team at Procam Take 2 was brilliant and meant we were able to realise the ideas exactly as we had imagined them. Any difficulties that may have arisen on the day completely disappeared as Saul and his crew worked quickly and professionally to allow us to capture what we needed, and help get the band the video they wanted to release."

Check out the video below:

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