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Mary-Ann Ochota - In the Simpson Desert

Monday 11th January 2016

Anthropologist and TV presenter, Mary-Ann Ochota embarked upon an expedition into the Simpson Desert in Western Queensland, Australia. The expedition involved exploring the desert for 43 days across the largest parallel-ridge sand dune desert in the world, searching for archaeological remains and human activity amonst the red dunes.

Consultancy Expertise

“I’m not a tech-lover, and although I know the basics of shooting, this was going to be a challenging shoot for me. Procam’s recommendations and support beforeI headed out was crucial.”

Procam’s consultancy was required very early on; with considerations that Mary-Ann would be trekking in remote areas with temperatures ranging from anything between 3-25 degrees Celsius and covering at least 20km a day. Mary-Ann turned to Procam for their expertise, to see which kit could survive such a strenuous and demanding journey.

Procam understood that Mary-Ann needed to travel light and required a robust camera that could cope with several weeks in the desert. With this in mind, Procam suggested the Canon XA20 and the lightweight GoPro 3 as an emergency, should anything go wrong. The XA20 allowed Mary-Ann to remain light on her feet and shoot a vast scale of the desert with the potential for IR night filming. Due to the element of the desert, extra batteries were supplied, as well as sound kit to cope with any feral camels and desert winds.

A Successful Expedition

Mary-Ann was exceptionally pleased with Procam’s support and recommendations. With Procam’s help she was able to successfully capture the organic story that unfolded throughout the expedition’s trek through the Australian Desert.

For instance, a number of stone tools deep into the desert were discovered that had been carried over 100km by Wangkangurru people, the tribe who have ancestral rights over this desert. In addition to this, the team had stumbled upon a large stand of Pijuri, a narcotic plant that was chewed like tobacco and traded across the length of Australia amongst the tribes.

“I can recommend them wholeheartedly.I wouldn’thave been able to make this film without them. Procam’s good reputation proved to be absolutely spot on, they immediately understood my needs and the support I received was great.”

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