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Set of Cooke S4 Mini Prime Lenses

Cooke's goal has been to deliver a smaller, lighter lens which offers the same resolution, optical quality and reliability as the S4/i, but at a lower price. Cooke decided that the lenses should be equally suitable for shooting film and digital images up to and beyond a 4K resolution pipeline.

In addition the lenses include /i Technology, providing lens data per frame for downstream post production.

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Like the S4/i lenses, the Mini S4i's are designed for motion photography and they don't breathe.

The lenses are one stop slower than the S4/i, as a result they can be smaller and lighter.

All Cooke lenses are colour matched. This means Mini S4i by Cooke and S4/i lenses can be mixed on a shoot with full confidence that the images will match.

Optical Design
The optics are designed to give maximum performance at full aperture with superior control of flare, distortion and spherical aberration.

/i Electronics
Accessible via contacts in PL mount that sync with /i compatible cameras.

Colour Balance
All Mini S4i prime lenses are colour balanced to a specification within parameters approved by Kodak.

All Mini S4i primes have a true T2.8 aperture and cover Super 35mm format.

Index Marks
Every index mark is labelled. More detailed markings allow for more detailed focus control.

Focus Movement
Our Academy Award® winning cam-style focus movement coupled with the added benefit of a large lens barrel diameter, has allowed for an increased number of focus markings, particularly at close focus. Spherical aberration has been controlled throughout the range of focal lengths to eliminate compensation of changes in back focus with aperture. A four-point contact bearing provides a smooth positive backlash-free movement.

Camera Mounts
Arriflex PL Mount

Focus Scaling
Large, clear numerals on both sides of the focus barrel benefit the focus puller when shooting under difficult lighting conditions.

All Cooke Mini S4i primes have a common fixed front diameter of 87mm, with a focus drive gear of 121T x 0.8 mod and an iris drive gear of 119T x 0.8.

External Finish
A scratch resistant PTFE hard anodised finish is provided on all Cooke lenses, providing a durable, hard-wearing surface to meet the most demanding environmental conditions.

An eight-leaf linear module iris assembly is fitted into Panchro primes with an aperture range of T2.8 to T22.

Weight/Size Ratio
The lenses are designed for all shooting applications, including handheld and Steadicam, providing comfortable balance ratio with the latest compact cameras.

Reliability and Service
Mini S4i prime lenses are designed to meet a market requirement for fully reliable performance with a minimum of downtime.

  • Cooke S4 Mini Panchro 18mm T2.8 Lens
  • Cooke S4 Mini Panchro 25 mm T2.8 Lens
  • Cooke S4 Mini Panchro 32 mm T2.8 Lens
  • Cooke S4 Mini Panchro 50 mm T2.8 Lens
  • Cooke S4 Mini Panchro 75 mm T2.8 Lens
  • Cooke S4 Mini Panchro 100 mm T2.8 Lens
  • Raven 87mm Ring
  • Raven 110mm Ring 

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