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Leitz Summilux-C Primes set

At T 1.4 and averaging only 1.7 kg per lens, the Summilux - C lenses are the smallest set of fast aperture, purpose-built prime lenses available for cinematography.

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Our Leitz SUMMILUX-C Prime Lens set contains the 21mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 75mm as standard. Other focal lengths are also available to hire.

The SUMMILUX-C lenses allow the subject to be captured as you see it without significant color temperature shifts or loss of clarity.

All colors retain their natural look and feel with special care being shown to skin tones to keep them humane but without looking over sharp or flat. It’s a characteristic called creamy sharpness that can be seen as well as felt in an image.

The unique iris design of the SUMMILUX-C lenses combined with custom coatings gives the out of focus elements a character and a feel that adds depth and texture to the image. Additionally, the blacks and shadows retain a deep, pure saturation that further creates the sense of dimensionality in the image.

  • Lens Mount PL - Titanium
  • Iris Rotation 16 mm - 100 mm 97.8° / 135 mm 98°
  • Iris Rotation Individually measured and engraved as it varies from focal length to focal length
  • Front Diameter 95 mm / 3.74” (except 135 mm: 114 mm / 4.49”)
  • Color Balance Between Lenses Matched color
  • Breathing No breathing
  • Front Filter 16 mm - 100 mm M 92 x 1 / 135 mm M 112 x 1
  • Rear Filter Via net holder
  • Matched Focus/Iris Ring Locations All focal lengths
  • Matched Dimensions in Set All focal leghts (except 135 mm)
  • 21mm Leitz Summilux C Prime T1.4 - cf 15"
  • 25mm Leitz Summilux C Prime T1.4 - cf 15"
  • 35mm Leitz Summilux C Prime T1.4 - cf 18"
  • 50mm Leitz Summilux C Prime T1.4 - cf 24"
  • 75mm Leitz Summilux C Prime T1.4 - cf 2'6"
  • Flight Case

Hire the Leitz Summilux-C Primes set from Procam Take 2.
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