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Cooke S2 40mm Speed Panchro Series II T2.3 - TLS Rehoused

A standard by which other prime lenses were measured between the 1930’s and 1950’s, the Cooke Speed Panchros have gone through an intensive design and development process, the team at TLS developed and refined a brand new housing that adds modern functionality to an archaic form without losing the “Cooke Look”.

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Made from stainless steel, brass and aircraft grade aluminium, the whole lens is now brought up to modern day specification. You can now capture that “Cooke Look”, and be confident that their modern housing allows them to stand up to the rigours of modern day production.

Focus Ring

Positive stops on the focus ring are designed to withstand the rigours of modern day drive systems that can often overrun the frail end stops from some earlier designed re-housings. The iris ring is also governed and designed to stop cleanly at either end of the scale.


Internally adjustable stops on the iris aperture ring mean that the lens can be set to overrun the end markings, if required, but this will not necessarily mean that the lens will open or close any more than the original specified settings.


Stainless steel PL

Front Diameter

The front diameter is 110mm and can accept standard matte box clamp rings and doughnut adaptors

  • 40mm Cooke Speed Panchro Series II T2.3 - cf 15"
  • Flight Case

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