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150 - 450mm Hawk T2.8 - cf 10'

For shooting on film, this is the industry standard at the 450mm end of zoom range.

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Centering and tracking:

This is a big lens – 600mm long. Positioning of the elements and mechanical tracking must both be even more precise than in a shorter lens. Zooming moves are obviously very long but must stay centered. Sometimes we contact camera crews to get feedback on the equipment they just rented from us. A number of DPs have told us they´resurprised at how well a zoom lens this long stays on target all the way. 

Heat and cold:

Because it´s physically long, we have also paid extra attention to metal expansion and contraction. Instead of the usual aluminum, our lens rear section is thin stainless steel. As a result, back focus shift is invisible, even in arctic cold and tropical heat.

  • Lens Mount PL
  • Weight 15.9kg/35lb
  • Number of Elements 18 in 12 groups
  • Overall Length 660mmFront Diameter ø 156mm
  • Temp Range -20°C – +50°C-5°F – +125°F
  • No calibration variation
  • Hawk 150-450mm T2.8 - cf 10`
  • Arri LS-9 35mm Lens Support (19mm Bars)
  • Flight Case

Hire the 150 - 450mm Hawk T2.8 - cf 10' from Procam Take 2.
Best service and rental rates for the 150 - 450mm Hawk T2.8 - cf 10' and all cameras, lenses, sound, lighting and grip.

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