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Transvideo Starlite HD5-RF

With a 5" HD OLED monitor, about the size of a smartphone, the Transvideo Starlight HD5-RF is small and lightweight, operating on the 5.8Ghz ISM band, with a top mounted antenna, and a Sony prosumer battery connection at the back.

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The wireless video connectivity incorporated is without latency, with low loss and without any transmission delay. You can take snapshots and generate PDF reports including camera and lenses metadatas (ARRI and SONY cameras carrying metadatas through HD-SDI only). 

Free of cables, lightweight and with all the reliability, accuracy and fine engineering that Transvideo build into their products, it is the perfect choice for directors, assistant directors, focus pullers and DOPs.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Robust connection with TitanHD2 within a range of 200 meters LOS (distance might be affected by other transmission and/or environment)
  • Visibility in a bright environment
  • Ability to record dailies in H264 onto SD card
  • 3G / HD-SDI input + reclocked output
  • 5" OLED touch screen with wide colour gamut (EBU)
  • Extremely lightweight: 190g / 0.4lbs
  • 5-44v DC power input through Lemo2 "mini"
  • Low power consumption 
  • Transvideo Starlite HD5-RF (917TS0131)
  • Transvideo Titan HD 2 TX (904TS0146)
  • Starlite HD Magnetic Front Panel
  • Starlite HD Magnetic Sunhood (918TS0265)
  • Starlite HD Magnetic Storage Cover
  • Power Cable: 4XLR to Lemo2 (906TS0176)
  • Power Cable: Fischer3 to Lemo2
  • Power Cable: Dtap to Lemo2 (LA-64A)
  • Mini BNC/ DIN to Standard (M) Cable
  • Directors bag for Transvideo Starlite RF
  • 32GB SDHC Card IN CASE
  • USB3 Multi Card Reader
  • 3x Sony NPF 970 Battery
  • Dual NPF Charger & IEC

Hire the Transvideo Starlite HD5-RF from Procam Take 2.
Best service and rental rates for the Transvideo Starlite HD5-RF and all cameras, lenses, sound, lighting and grip.

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