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Arri LMB-5 Matte Box

The ARRI LMB-5 Matt box fulfills all needs with the most modular matte box – from single stage, to three stage, to bottom and top lightweight mounted, to the full-blown version with swing-away tilt module, all carbon fibre flags (top and side) and both extra filter stages (rotatable and non-rotatable).

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The lightweight ARRI matte box LMB-5 is equipped with two push-through 4" x 5.65" filter frames as well as with attachments for a light shield. The matte box is attached directly to the front ring of the lens with a clamp adapter of appropriate diameter.

The slip-on carbon fiber light shield is lightweight and compact and can always stay in place. During breaks in shooting or when transporting a completely set-up camera, the light shield can be folded flat against the front of the matte box to protect the filters or the front element of the lens.

4" x 4" filter frames and mask sets for 16 mm / 35 mm lenses are available as additional accessories.

  • Fulfills all needs with its modular design
  • Single stage to three stage set-ups
  • PV Filter Tray For LMB-5 x 3
  • Flag (LMB-5) x 1
  • LMB-5 Left 3 Tray Support Bracket (w/ securing screws) x 1
  • LMB-5 Right Tray Support Bracket x 1
  • 114mm Step Down Bracket for LMB-5 x 1
  • 110mm Step Down Bracket for LMB-5 x 1
  • 104 Step Down Bracket for LMB-5 x 1
  • 95mm Step Down Bracket for LMB-5 x 1
  • 80mm Step Down Bracket for LMB-5 x 1
  • MATTE 18-20 for LMB-5 x 1
  • MATTE 24-28 for LMB-5 x 1
  • MATTE 32 for LMB-5 x 1
  • MATTE 35-40 for LMB-5 x 1
  • MATTE 50-65 for LMB-5 x 1
  • MATTE 85-180 for LMB-5 x 1
  • Silver Flight Case x 1

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