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Prolights StudiocobFC Colour Led Par

STUDIOCOB is designed to establish a new standard in the field of diffused light projectors, emerging from the interaction between Chip On Board technology and a new optical solution to maximize efficiency and give an unprecedented performance. 

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STUDIOCOBFC employs a 150W COB LED source RGB/FullColour, combined with a special parabolic reflector with built in aluminium which develops an extremely bright and homogeneous 60° output, with a perfect colour mixing even in short-range applications.

STUDIOCOB is a project developed for professional venues by offering a new dimmer technology with super-linear and anti-flickering ramp for any camera, with frequency adjustment from the user interface. The noiseless STUDIOCOB operation makes it suitable even in noise sensitive environments or in applications with a large number of projectors. The range of accessories for STUDIOCOB consists of barndoors, filter holders, and optical filters to achieve tighter projection angles like 30° and 15°. STUDIOCOB is a multipurpose projector and can be used in any application including concerts, exhibitions, theatre, film & TV, photographic studios, museums, churches.

  • Several optional lenses to adjust the beam angle 60°-30°-15°
  • COB source and aluminium parabolic reflector ensure a perfect colour calibration
  • Advanced and flicker-free new HD-Dimming technology
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories as bandors, filter frame and more
  • Black OLED display
  • IN/OUT wiring signal and power connections through XLR3p/5p/Powercon
  • LED Parcan
  • 1.5m 16Amp to Powercon
  • 10m Powercon Extension (MUCPCH7D-10)
  • 13Amp - 16Amp Jumper

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