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LiteMat Plus 4 Kit

The LiteMat Plus 4 is one of the most affordable, professional cinema lighting fixtures available today. The LiteMat Plus 4 is based on four “tiled” light engines, each measuring 9.5 in. x 19 in. (240 mm x 480 mm). 

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The head unit features 1152 new CineMitter LEDs and is covered by a thin, clear polycarbonate layer and bordered entirely with Velcro® “loop” fastener.

A multi-wall PolySkirt helps control the light output by limiting the amount of light exiting the fixture beyond the 120 degree primary field. It mounts to the LiteMat head with Velcro and also serves as an accessory holder, as all remaining accessories (Diffusers and a Louvre Eggcrate) require its use.

SIZE: 21 in. x 40 in. x .9 in. (533mm x 1016mm x 23mm) (LxWxH)

WEIGHT: 6.2 oz, 2.81g





CRI: 95+

CCT: 2600K-6000K

LUMENS: 10192

  • Hawk-Woods VL-4X4 Charger (Quad)
  • 4x Hawk-Woods VL-150HP V-Lok Battery
  • 2x IEC - C13 (13Amp)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 (LM-PLUS-FOUR-HY-MAT)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Dimmer (LD-PLUS-DUO-DC200)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Power Supply (PS-24V-250W-F-PL4)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Power Supply Bracket (LDA-PLUS-PLATE-V)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 PolySkirt (LMA-FOUR-SKIRT)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Louvre Eggcrate (LMA-FOUR-LC-GRID)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Mounting Bracket (LMA-LITEMOUNT)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Power Cable Extension (CA-PL7-EXT-12)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Full Diffusion (LMA-FOUR-DIFF-F)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Half Diffusion (LMA-FOUR-DIFF-H)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Quarter Diffusion (LMA-FOUR-DIFF-Q)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Remote Trigger (RS-60E3)
  • LiteMat Plus 4 Kit Bag (LMA-FOUR-BAG)
  • Standard C-Stand c/w Knuckle (52-129 inch/A2030D)

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