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Joker2 1600

The 1600 W is the latest addition to the Joker range. In 1600 W, the Joker² is comparable in terms of performance to a tungsten device over 6000 W, and produces a Diaph more than the Joker² 800.

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3 Configurations:

  • JOKER² (without reflector): without optics, its radiation is optimal for use in light box and Chinese ball, creating a perfectly spread distribution of light in such accessories.
  • JOKER² (PAR version): It is equipped with a specular reflector and a set of PAR lenses (Medium, Wide, Super Wide and Fresnel sanded). These lenses produce various beam shapes. The yield is maximum thanks to the design of the reflector (parabolic reflector) and its brilliant treatment.
  • JOKER² (ZOOM Version): revolutionary, this focusable reflector without lens offers a range of 15 ° to 60 °. With features similar to those of a faceted umbrella, the beach is soft yet powerful.

Ballast High Speed and WIFI:

The 1600 ballast is PFC and consumes 7.4 Amps at 230 V. It is dimmable, and has frequency selection options for high-speed shooting (300 Hz and 1000 Hz). Using the protocol "Lumenradio", this ballast equipped with a small antenna and DMX control on the back, can be controlled from a console or a Smartphone / tablet.

New Modern Design:

With its sleek lines, rounded edges, and simplified parts list, the Joker² emits more lumens than any competing light source of same wattage, and looks good while doing so.

Quick and Easy Access:

The heads (or Bugs) incorporate a threaded ring that mounts a clear or frosted borosilicate lamp cover (or Beamer), allowing quick and easy access, without tools, enabling you to relamp your fixture quickly from 3200K to 5600K.

From HMI to Tungsten:

The Joker² 800 incorporates a plug-in igniter that converts from HMI to 2K tungsten in less than a minute.

New Design Features:

New yoke design features a much stronger braking system that when set remains in position to support ever larger light shapers such as light banks, ellipsoid spots and Softubes. Also added, a convenient hook that allows lenses to be kept close to the source.

Wider Light Spread:

Three way axis stand mount allows a much wider range of light placement, even with the largest soft boxes.

Wireless Dimming:

New Generation Ballasts incorporate a one-stop dimmer wireless DMX (Lumen Radio®) for on/off and dimming control from all Apple OS devices. CE approved. A new case has also been designed to fit either the 400 or 800 and now has wheels and are stackable so you can roll away many kits in one trip.The new Joker² accepts all existing accessories except the Bug A Beam 400 and 800 for which a new ring is required.

  • Joker2 1600 Head with Cable
  • Joker2 1600 Ballast/Power Supply
  • Joker 1600 Header Cable
  • Joker2 1600 Barndoors
  • Joker2 1600 Beamer Reflector
  • Joker2 1600 Wide Flood Lens
  • K5600 Lens Bag
  • Joker2 1600 Medium Flood Lens
  • Frosted Glass Diffusion Tube
  • Joker2 1600 Frosted Fresnel Lens
  • Clear Glass Diffusion Tube
  • Joker2 1600 Super Wide Flood Lens
  • HMI Spare Bulb (£160 if lost or broken)
  • 16amp Socket - 13amp Plug
  • Arri Medium Duty Stand
  • 28mm - 16mm Pup Adaptor (E200)
  • Safety Chain SWL 15Kg - 585mm (T22001)
  • Flight Case
  • Sandbag (6-8kg Approx) 2x

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