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Dedo DLH400D 400w HMI

A 400W daylight fixture for single-ended HMI lamps with unrivalled focusing range and unequalled light quality. Used in conjunction with the Dedolight DEB400D electronic ballast at 575 W, the 400D brings the same level of superior, sophisticated performance to the world of HMI, as the 436 and 650 provide for tungsten.

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Clean beam

Extrodinary clean beam with perfectly even distribution and no stray light

Dual lens optics

Patented focus mechanism with dual lens optics and focusing mechanism

Super flood

Provided by a unique second lens which moves towards the lamp and mirror when going "wide" to produce an enhanced flood angle

Super spot

Provided by a simultaneous movement of the second lens, moving in the opposite direction, away from the lamp and mirror, producing a tighter spot and enhanced light output

Superior range

Has 20:1 spot-to-flood focusing range. No traditional fresnel even comes close

  • 2 Pin socket
  • Special dual lens design
  • 5/8" (16mm) stand mount
  • Dedo DLH400D 400w HMI
  • Dedo Ballast for 400w HMI
  • Dedo Ballast - Lamp Header Cable
  • 4x Scrim
  • Arri Medium Duty Stand

Hire the Dedo DLH400D 400w HMI from Procam Take 2.
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