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Astera NYX Bulbs

The Astera NYX Bulb is the first colour-tuneable LED bulb for professional film, stage and event productions.  This joins the family of high-quality Astera fixtures including the Titan Tube, the Helios Tube and the Wireless Pixeltube.

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The Astera NYX Bulb is a 14 Watt RGBA +Mint +Amber LED bulb that conveniently accepts AC power via E27 socket. As well as this, it connects to DC power from power banks and other devices. Despite being the same size as a standard LED bulb, it contains a CRMX receiver, RF and Bluetooth modules.

You can power it via lamp socket or with a standard power bank and thanks to its Titan LED engine it displays precise colours and white tones with ultra-high CRI and TLCI. This emits an impressive 750 Lumens, comparable to a conventional 60W bulb, yet drawing just 10W of power. Additionally, due to its compact form, it is the first Astera light source with external battery options (rather than built-in). It’s lightweight, hugely flexible, and highly controllable. As always, Astera keeps the standards of quality and innovation top of the agenda.

If you are a gaffer, DoP, lighting and set designer, visual artist or anyone needing stunning practicals or outstanding feature lighting bulbs, the NYX Bulb is for you. In addition to film shoots and television studios, it is perfect for theatrical sets and for scenic elements on tour shows and live events.

Connect via Bluetooth on smartphone or tablet

  • Control includes inbuilt Lumen Radio wireless DMX which can be run via any lighting console. Or more locally from the quick and intuitive Astera App.
  • The inbuilt Bluetooth receiver is a feature allowing users to control NYX bulbs directly from their smartphones. This means you can use it without needing an Astera ART7 Box. The first Astera NYX Bulb that is connected via the Bluetooth signal enables the control of all the other NYX Bulbs in the range.

Additional accessories

  • A dual power option offers more versatility! This can be either 90-240V AC via an E27 socket (E26 in the USA) or a DC socket is available for you to connect external batteries or power banks, for which a USB cable is included with the NYX Bulb.
  • CupBouncer is another nifty accessory! When NYX Bulbs are used in conjunction with lampshades or other coverings, this is attached to the bulb. This is via a suction cup which reflects light back towards the base controlling the light spread.
  • The Astera PowerStation is an essential multifunctional accessory which has an inbuilt battery unit for powering NYX Bulbs. The PowerStation can also be used to programme the NYX Bulbs. It has parameters like DMX addresses, colours and other settings via its display and keyboard. And when the NYX Bulb is disconnected, these settings are retained.
  • The rear-side magnets are for hanging the NYX Bulb, enhancing the practical options for how and where NYX can be installed.
  • Sets of eight, complete with a PowerStation inside the case for charging and programming the bulbs.
  • NYX Powerstation FP5-PS
  • Astera NYX Carry Case
  • Astera NYX Bulb 8X
  • NYX Wall Mains Charger
  • Anker 10 Port USB Charging Station
  • Cup Bouncers 8X
  • USB3 to DC Cable

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