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Astera AX1

AX1 is a powerful pixel controllable LED RGBW baton that can be mounted at event and film sites to light up people and objects or create indirect lighting effects. A highly creative device that offers an infinite range of possibilities. (4-Set & 8-Set)

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The Astera Pixeltube is a versatile RGBW baton light which is wirelessly controlled to produce a wide range of film, television and event lighting effects. Particularly suited as an in-vision practical source, the AX1 Pixeltube is also useful when additional lighting is required in confined spaces and offers an alternative to using either a single tube Kino Flo or an Encapsulite tube light.

Each AX1 baton has a 180° distribution of light and features 16 pixel banks which can be independently programmed and controlled. Featuring an internal battery, the AX1 can operate for up to 20 hours on a single charge cycle and is IP65 rated for outdoor use. It is supplied with a range of mounting hardware enabling it to be rigged in many different positions.

  • Colours: RGBW 
  • Total LED power: 28W
  • Lumens: 695Lm 
  • Beam Angle: 180° Pixel Banks: 16 
  • Internal Battery Runtime: Up to 20 hours 
  • DMX: Supports CRMX and W-DMX 
  • IP Rating: IP65 
  • Weight: 1kg / 2.2Lbs 
  • Dimensions: Ø42 x 1035mm / Ø1.6” x H40.7”

Astera AX1 (4-Set)

  • Astera AX1 PixelTube IP65 x4
  • Astera AX1 Charging Case (AX1-CHRCSE)
  • AX1 Eyebolt x8
  • AX1 Stand x4
  • AX1 Holder x8
  • AX1 8 Way Charging Loom
  • Astera ARC1 IR Remote x4
  • Aestra Wall Mains Charger x4
  • Brass Spigot (013) x8
  • Retaining Clips x8
  • AX1 Quick Start Guide

Astera AX1 (8-set)

  • Astera AX1 PixelTube IP65 x8
  • Astera AX1 Charging Case (AX1-CHRCSE) x2
  • AX1 Eyebolt x16
  • AX1 Stand x8
  • AX1 Holder x16
  • AX1 8 Way Charging Loom x2
  • Astera ARC1 IR Remote x8
  • Aestra Wall Mains Charger x8
  • Brass Spigot (013) x16
  • Retaining Clips x16
  • AX1 Quick Start Guide

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