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Aladdin Bi-Flex 4

The new BI-FLEX4 Kit builds off of the original BI-FLEX 1×1 Kit, but this one is 1×4 and can be rolled up into a tube. Exceptionally well-built, splash-proof*, bi-colour LED light with superior light output and quality. 

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The colour output is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and every point in between, and is completely dimmable from 100% to 10%. Most importantly, the light quality is the best available: »CRI: 98ra (daylight) / 97ra (tungsten).

The Bi-Flex 4 panel, at 48“x12“ weighs only 2 pounds. This kit includes a professional-grade dimmer with a battery plate built in (V-Lock or A/B Gold Mount) and DMX controls, and a 23ft extension cable. Working with high CRI bi-colour light essentially means there is no need to colour correction or warming gels (CTO). If you’re shooting a portrait with the light set to full daylight and want to add a touch of warmth for improved skin tone, it’s just a turn of a dial.

  • Flexible, Moldable LED Panel
  • Bi-Colour 2900-6400K Colour Temperature
  • CRI Over 97
  • Dimming 5 - 100%
  • Flicker-Free Output
  • Touch-Fastening Corners & Mounting Rings
  • Aladdin Bi-Flex 4 (48X12" 200W Bi-Colour (AMS-FL200BIKIT VM)
  • Hawk-Woods VL-2X2P Charger (Dual)
  • X3 Hawk-Woods VL-90HP V-Lok Battery
  • Thread Adaptor F1/4 to F3/8
  • Bi-Flex 4 Frame with Diffuser
  • Bi-Flex 4 V-Mount Dimmer Adapter w/DMX
  • Bi-Flex 4 Power Supply
  • Bi-Flex 4 2m Header Cable
  • Bi-Flex 4 5m Header Cable
  • Bi-Flex Kit Carry Bag
  • Blonde Stand
  • 3/8 - 1/4" Small Brass Spigot
  • Lite Tite Swivel Adaptor

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