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22 inch Jem Ball Light Fixture

The Jem Ball is the perfect lamp for a soft, even coverage of light. The harp creates the ball shape and allows for a 360° beam angle, which can then be shaped with the provided Skirt. The 22” Jemball is supplied with x2 1000W bulbs as standard and can be boomed using the supplied C-Stand, Extension Arm and Knuckle.

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This product replaces the conventional paper lantern. The 22" JEM Ball radiates a soft surround (360 degrees) lighting effect with fewer shadows than conventional lights. The JEM Ball's sturdy construction makes it both durable and reliable.

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to set up
  • Collapses to minimal size
  • Several materials and fixtures are available.
  • Assembles in seconds
  • 22" in diameter.
  • 22" Jem Ball Package 
  • 22" Jem Ball Light Fixture 
  • 22" Jem Spring Ball/ Harp 
  • 22" Spring Ball Muslin Material Cover 
  • 22" Jem Ball Bag Jem Ball 1K bulb 
  • Jem Ball 1K bulb 
  • Jem ball Circular Muslin Bottom Pad 
  • 22" Jem Ball Tube Case 
  • 22" Jem Ball Skirt 16Amp Socket - 13Amp Plug 
  • 40" Extension Arm with Fixed  Knuckle (D520) 
  • Standard C-Stand c/w Knuckle (52-129 inch/A2030D) 
  • Knuckle (extra) 
  • Half Tennis Balls 
  • Safety Bonds SWL 15Kg - 585mm (T22001)

Hire the 22 inch Jem Ball Light Fixture from Procam Take 2.
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