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Sachtler DV 12 100mm flowtech Tripod

The DV 12 FT MS flowtech 100 Tripod System from Sachtler bundles the DV-12SB fluid head with the lightweight, carbon fibre flowtech 100 MS tripod. Supporting up to 14kg, this combo provides speedy setup, smooth moves, and stable support for smaller ENG camera rigs.

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The Sachtler DV 12SB Fluid Head with a 100 mm bowl and integrated flat base fitting, and a load capacity of up to 14kg, is the choice for the professional videographer utilising heavy camcorders who demands the smoothest pans and tilts as well as rapid setup. It features a 12-step counterbalance system with a 70mm sliding plate for perfect balance, and 5 steps of drag plus zero in both axes for whip pans. The Touch & Go quick-release system makes mounting and takedown a nonissue: no fumbling, no struggling, no worries. For complete flexibility and ease of operation in unforgiving circumstances, the DV-12SB is a sound choice.

The lightweight Sachtler flowtech 100 MS Carbon Fibre Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader offers notable stability and quick setup. The novel flowtech design features quick release locks at the top of the legs, eliminating the need to stoop while adjusting the tripod height. All three legs can be deployed simultaneously to quickly find their individual levels on uneven ground.

The flowtech 100's versatile leg hinges adjust freely or can be locked at 20, 46, and 72° angles, providing a height range from 10" to 5' and reducing the need to carry a set of baby legs. Additional ergonomic features include a flatter leg design that's more comfortable when carrying on your shoulder, and magnetic locks that neatly snap the legs together for travel. Three handy 3/8"-16 threaded mounts can be used to attach a variety of accessories.

Weighing only 4kg with its spreader and feet, the flowtech 100 legs can support a payload of up to 30kg and extends from a minimum height of 50cm to a maximum height of 154cm when using the included mid-level spreader. Each leg features a single clamping lever that quickly and easily locks and unlocks the three sections.

Designed with dual-spiked feet, this 100mm bowl tripod includes rubber feet that feature a quick release design for easy attaching and removal.

  • 100mm Ball Head Supports up to 14kg
  • Lightweight Dual-Stage flowtech Tripod
  • Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet
  • Height Range of Approximately 71 to 172cm
  • Sachtler DV12 SB Tripod Head
  • Sachtler 100mm flowtech Tripod Legs
  • Sachtler Pan Handle DV100
  • Sachtler Mid Level Spreader flowtech 100
  • Tie Down
  • Wedge Plate
  • Tripod Bag or Case

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