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Ronford Atlas 7

The Ronford Atlas 7 is an underslung head.

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The Ronford-Baker Atlas 7 is a completely new patented design fluid head. Incorporating a strong, rigid design with minimum platform flex, together with the well proven Ronford-Baker fluid system

  • Modular construction featuring, identical fluid units for pan, tilt, 3rd & 4th axis.
  • Full 2-3 axes setup in minutes.
  • The fluid units have 15 variations of fluid control, plus zero (fluid free) positions at both ends of the scale.
  • All fluid units are capable of 360º rotation.
  • Joining these units together is simplicity it’s self. Twin tapered dovetails & a simple thumb screw fixing, allows tool free construction.
  • The Atlas 7 can be widened or raised via quick change blocks at 4cm, 8cm and 16cm wide, offering a quick and rigid interface.
  • Smooth positive braking.
  • Camera is mounted via sliding plates of different lengths & styles, including Arri Dovetail, Panavision or Quick Release types.
  • The Platform is vertically balanced by a quick adjusting ratchet mount, with fine tune nodal adjuster.
  • Panbar mounting thru the fluid units centre spindle, with various ratchet mounting. Numerous panbar options.
  • Mitchell base as standard
  • 2 Spirit levels, 1 in the pan & 1 in the platform.
  • Environmentally sealed.

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