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Ronford 2015 Head

The 2015 head is from the Ronford  2000 Series.

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The 2015 head incorporates two sealed fluid units which, by the use of four simple on/off leavers, can be varied from a cushioned free head to the heaviest control required in fifteen stages with a smooth accurate action. The quick release camera plate is infinitely adjustable for camera lens balance, with built-in foolproof safety stops, and scale.

The tilt operation is backed up by a balance control system with an “off” position and four progressive settings operated by a single control lever, giving an unprecedented smoothness and accuracy of control and balance under all situations.

The Ronford-Baker 2015 is compatible with any Mitchell or Arriflex standard tripod, dolly or crane.

  • Weight: 20lb (9.5kg)
  • Operational temperature range +150ºF to -40ºF (+66ºC to -40ºC)
  • Fifteen stage sealed fluid unit on pan and tilt.
  • Quick release camera plate adjustable for balance with scale.
  • Double Pan Bar Facility.
  • Alternative long camera plate available.
  • Recessed circular split level.
  • 360º scale on pan.
  • 120º tilt angle.
  • Smooth positive braking on pan and tilt.
  • Ronford 2015 head 
  • Ronford Eyepiece Leveller 
  • Flight case

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