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MYT Works Medium 4ft Glide Rail

The Medium line of MYT Glides is our most popular group. The Medium slider takes the best of the Small and Large Glides and incorporates them into a design featuring heavy load capacity, light weight, double rails for extra mounting options, high technology bearings, and a plethora of versatile options.

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The Medium supports up to 80 pounds, comes equipped with a Hi-Hat of your choice, clocks in at between 8 and 18 pounds depending on length, and is sprinkled with a well curated collection of threaded and un-threaded holes for any potential rigging needs.

The Medium MYT Glide has a 7” span between the double rails (the Small has a 5” span and the large has a 9”), connected with golden hued static and centre static plates. With extended lenses, monitors, and other rigged gear, the wider the span the better the stability will be on your slider. You can mount your Medium Glide on tripods, baby feet, c-stands, and other grip alternatives. The numerous industry-standard threaded holes that are scattered throughout the plates, handle bracket, and carriage allow for inexhaustible mounting options. Designed by filmmakers for filmmakers everywhere, the MYT GLIDE incorporates all of the options that a camera operator could desire and a whole lot more.

  • 7" rail span
  • 80lb load capacity
  • MYT Works: Medium 4ft Glide Rail 36kg
  • MYT Works: Medium Bowl Holder
  • MYT Works: 100mm Bowl Insert
  • MYT Works: 100mm Half Ball Adaptor 3/8 &
  • MYT Works: 3/8 Deep Cup Tie-Down (1246)
  • MYT Works: M10 Deep Cup Tie Down (1245)
  • MYT Works: 4x Baby feet (1137)
  • MYT Works: Small Wood Handle (1127)
  • MYT Works: Bulls Eye Spirit Level (1107)

Hire the MYT Works Medium 4ft Glide Rail from Procam Take 2.
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