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Floatcam Dolly Crane HD

The heavy duty DollyCrane HD will accommodate camera and head combinations of up to 32 kg, making in an ideal grip companion to more traditional feature, drama and commercial shooting packages.

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With the increased weight capacity, the DC HD can be used with fully built studio digital cameras such as the Arri Alexa, Sony F35 and Panavision Genesis, as well as traditional 16 mm & 35 mm film cameras.

  • Innovative Grip system 
  • Combining the function of the camera slider and mini jib / crane
  • Can quickly change its function from camera slider to jib and back thanks to its unique construction
  • Floatcam HD Rail
  • OConnor 1030D Head
  • Mini Jib Parallelogram Arm
  • Crank Handle
  • 2x Vertical Mounting Brackets/Ears
  • Right Angle/L Shaped Mounting Bracket
  • Fulcrum Moy Head
  • Ronford Tall 150mm Bowl H/D Legs- converted to MOY
  • Ronford Short 150mm Bowl H/D Legs- converted to MOY
  • 2x Ronford Ground Spreader
  • 10x X-Large Weight 1kg (Red)
  • 4x Large Weight (Red)
  • 2x Medium Weight (Red)
  • 2x Small Weight (Red)
  • 2x X-Small Weight (Red)

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