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DJI Ronin MX Gimbal

The Ronin-MX from DJI is dual-use gimbal suitable both for mounting on the Matrice 600 aerial platform as well as deployment closer to the ground. Improving over the Ronin-M, it features magnesium construction to yield high rigidity while keeping the weight down.

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Designed to resist high G-forces using powerful motors and IMUs, the Ronin-MX is engineered to maintain stability and hold horizon when mounted to an aircraft or a vehicle. When mounted to the Matrice 600 aerial system, it communicates directly with DJI's flight controller. When attached to vehicles, it connects to an optional GPS module that allows it to stabilize actively for a smoother shot.

A redesigned structure moves the Ronin-MX battery from the back to the front. This centers the weight of the camera, minimizing instability when flying directly forwards. It also dramatically increases the Ronin's agility and ability to handle rapid movements or high-G situations.

A combination of stronger motors and ESCs makes the Ronin-MX 50% more powerful than the Ronin-M. This additional stiffness and power allows the system to better withstand wind resistance, when mounted to moving vehicles and aircraft, as well as more rapid movements.

Solo Mode with Optional Thumb Controller

The separately available Ronin Wireless Thumb Controller makes controlling the Ronin-MX easy and intuitive, enabling the capture of shots that would otherwise be impossible for a single operator.

Second Operator Control

A wireless 2.4 GHz remote controller is included with the Ronin-MX enabling a second operator to remotely control pan, tilt, roll, and other functions.

Operation Modes

  • Underslung Mode
  • Upright Mode
  • Briefcase Mode
  • Aerial Mode
  • Jib or Wirecam Mode

Main Features

  • Built-in, independent IMU module
  • DJI Specialized Gimbal Drive Motors with Encoders
  • Bluetooth Module
  • USB Connection
  • 2.4GHz Receiver
  • Temperature Sensor
  • DJI Advanced 32-Bit DSP Processor
  • D-Bus Receiver Supported
  • 4S Ronin-M battery
  • Maximum depth from the center of gravity on camera base plate: 120mm
  • Maximum height measured from top of camera base plate: 130mm
  • Maximum width: 160mm
  • DJI Ronin MX Gimbal (4.5kg)
  • With Top Handle, x2 Screw on Top Bars and x2 Hand Grips.
  • DJI Ronin M- Accessory Mount w/ Rubber Insert
  • DJI Ronin M Camera Mounting Plate
  • Cinemilled Ronin M Universal QR Plate
  • Wireless Thumb Controller
  • DJI Ronin MX Upper Mounting Plate
  • DJI Ronin MX Camera Mounting Plate
  • DJI Ronin 6800 Case
  • X3 DJI Ronin M/MX Intelligent Battery (1580mAh)
  • DJI Ronin M Charger 
  • X2 15mm Black 100mm Vari Length Rod and Support
  • DJI Tuning Stand Arms (C-Stand Mountable) and Adjustable Base
  • SmallHD 502 HDMI/SDI Monitor
  • 500 Series Sunhood
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  • Mix of Light Weight BNCs and HDMIs
  • D-Tap (Male) to Splitter Cable (4x Female)
  • Commlite 7” Magic Arm

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