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Digi Dolly

With its seamless joins, the Digi Dolly allows the operator to enjoy smooth movement along the aluminium track and achieve stable integration with a camera tripod, delivering professional results.

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The designer of Digidolly is a cameraman with over 17 years experience, filming travel shows, documentaries, lifestyle programs, public affairs and corporate videos. He needed a dolly that was lightweight and quick to set up.

No tools required - Every component slides together and is held by a single threaded bolt - saving yet more time.

Unique "Stand-On Plate"
An optional accessory that slides onto the dolly in seconds, allowing the operator to put their eye right up to the eyepiece of the camera and use the controls of the camera with ease. This feature is unique to Digidolly. 

Foam cushioning system
Allows the digidolly to be set up anywhere in minutes. 

Elastic foot straps
Connect to your tripod feet. This ensures your tripod will never come away from the Digidolly. 

Track separators
with built in stoppers, keep the track in line and square. This takes the guesswork out when arranging the track on the ground.

The operator can then place the dolly down on the track with speed. The stoppers on the track separators do just that – STOP. If there is a decline in the position where you have set up your Digidolly, the separators will stop the dolly from going of the track.

Having the track separators connected means you can pick the track up in its entirety and move to the next location for your next dolly shot.

  • Australian-made lightweight portable track and dolly system
  • Can be set up on location within minutes
  • The dolly takes a tripod and it also has a low-level hi-hat mount
  • Comes with 3.6 metres of aluminium track
  • Construction allows for smooth movement
  • Digi Dolly
  • Digi Dolly T-Bar (Incl: Hi-Hat)
  • 10x1m Aluminium Straight Track

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