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ARRIFLEX 416 16mm Film Camera

The Arriflex 416  is a lightweight, quiet, modern Super 16 film camera.

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The Arriflex 416 was a modern 16mm film camera created in 2006. it was designed for the super 16mm format, it is PL mounted  and is compatible with some 35mm camera accessories.

Format is super 16mm

weight with 400ft magazine is 6kg 

Its dB level is 20dB

With Frame rates between 1 -75fps

shutter angles 45 - 180° Manual Adjustment

with operational temperatures between -20°C to 50°C

Arri 416 Camera              

3 x Arri 416 - 400ft Magazine     

Arri 416 Viewfinder       

416 Extension Viewfinder           

Arri Heated Eyepiece     

435 Right Hand Grip (With On/Off)         

Changing Bag    

Poly Bag              

MATTE 18-20 for LMB-5/19 (35mm)       

MATTE 24-28 for LMB-5/19 (35mm)       

MATTE 32 for LMB-5/19 (35mm)              

MATTE 35-40 for LMB-5/19 (35mm)       

MATTE 50-65 for LMB-5/19 (35mm)       

MATTE 85-180 for LMB-5/19 (35mm)     

MATTE  9.5 for LMB-5/19/25 (16mm)     

MATTE 12 for LMB-5/19/25 (16mm)       

MATTE 16-20 for LMB5/19/25 (16mm)  

MATTE 24-28 for LMB-5/19/25 (16mm) 

MATTE 32-40 for LMB-5/19/25 (16mm) 

MATTE 50-180 for LMB-5/19/25 (16mm)              

Arri MB-19 4 x 5.6 Production Mattebox

MB-19 Top Flag

19mm Bar Adapter for MB-19/17B          

138mm Diopter Holder for Bellow Adapter for MB-19     

Bellow for MB-19            

114mm Bellow Adapter for MB-19           

114-110mm Stepdown Ring for MB-19  

114-100mm Stepdown Ring for MB-19  

100-95mm Stepdown Ring for MB-19     

100-80mm Stepdown Ring for MB-19     

MB-19 PV Filter Tray      

MB-19 Vertical PV Filter Tray      

MB-19 4x4 Filter Tray    

MB-19 138mm Filter Stage         

Arri 19mm Bridge Plate & Bars  

PV 85    

4x5.65 85 0.3ND              

4x5.65 85 0.6ND              

4x5.65 85 0.9ND              

2 x X-Boxx Batt 26.0V 600W High Power (XB2-600)           

X-Boxx Li-Ion Charger 26.0V 4.0A (XB-25C)           

4 x 416 Battery 

2 x 416 Battery Charger

3 x Flight Case  

Hire the ARRIFLEX 416 16mm Film Camera from Procam Take 2.
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