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Wooden Camera A-Box (for Alexa Mini LF)

A-Box (Alexa Mini LF) adapts one 6 pin LEMO compatible connector to two balanced, 3 pin XLRs (female) with the highest quality, professional grade connectors.

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Procam Take 2's Wooden Camera A-Box Kit for the ARRI Alexa Mini LF includes a Sennheiser ME64 Top Mic.

Note that Alexa Mini LF accepts two line level inputs only.

  • Wooden Camera A-Box XLR for Alexa Mini LF
  • ARRI White Noise Bracket with Mic Holder
  • Sennheiser ME64 Microphone
  • Rycote Short Fluffy
  • Short XLR

Hire the Wooden Camera A-Box (for Alexa Mini LF) from Procam Take 2.
Best service and rental rates for the Wooden Camera A-Box (for Alexa Mini LF) and all cameras, lenses, sound, lighting and grip.

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