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Red Ranger Monstro 8k VV

The RED's RANGER is an integrated Large Format 8K camera system. 

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It features all of the benefits of the MONSTRO 8K VV sensor within a less complex platform for filmmakers. Features like integrated I/O's, shimmed PL Mount and improved thermal performance offer unmatched versatility as well as peace of mind in challenging shooting environments. 

Integrated I/O’s

Three SDI outputs (two mirrored and one independent)

12V P-Tap port

Integrated 5-pin XLR stereo audio input (line/mic/+48V selectable)

Genlock, timecode, USB, and control

Shimmed PL mount

Large diameter fan provides improved thermal performance

RED Ranger – 8K Monstro VV     

RED Ranger Top Handle

RED Ranger VV Shimmed PL Mount        

OLPF Optical Low Pass Filter       

DMSC2 OLED EVF incl. Spinner mount + Round Lemo adapter     

RED EVF Plate w/ Screws             

RED EVF Raised Mounting Plate w/ Screws          

RED Lemo EVF Rotating Mount  

Rubber Eye Cup

7” RED PRO Touch LCD with Cheeseplate back   

3 x 12” RED EVF Cable - Right Angle to Right Angle (790-0645)     

18” RED EVF Cable - Right Angle to Straight (790-0153)   

RED Mini-Mag Side SSD Module

RED Ranger Top Handle Extension           

RED Lemo Adapter A (w/ 2x Screws)       

RED Flush-Mount Monitor Adapter/Mount         

2 x RED Ranger 15mm Lightweight Support         

RED Small Antenna        

RED Quick Release System Platform       

RED Collimation TX-9 Screw        

RED Shoulder Pad           

RED 19mm Bridge Plate Adapter              

RED Quick Release Bridge Plate 

RED Ranger 24V PSU      

RED Ranger 24V DC 3P XLR to 4Pin Lemo Power cable     

RED 4pin Lemo to 3-way Sync Cable (Genlock, Timecode, Camera Run)   

2 x 220mm x 19mm Bar

2 x 220mm x 15mm Bar

2 x 150mm x 15mm Bar

2 x 15mm X 100mm bar 1 x endcap         

RED Multitool   

RED Ranger 3/16 Allenkey           

Arri VEB-1 Viewfinder Extension Bracket

Viewfinder Arm/Bar      

VF 15mm Mounting Bracket MVB-1 (K2.0006140)             

Arri DSMC2 EVF Bracket (K2.0012522)    

Arri Monitor bracket for DSMC2 (15mm mount) (K2.0009582)     

300mm/12" Dovetail Plate          

USB A - USB Micro B       

2 x 19mm x 440mm Bar

RED 4-way Mag Case     

4 x 480GB RED MINIMAG            

G-Tech EV Series-  RED-MINIMAG CardReader   

7” Noga Arm     

Hawk-Woods VL-4X4 Charger (Quad)     

6 xHawk-Woods VL-175HP V-Lok Battery   

3 x X-Boxx Batt 26.0V 600W High Power (XB2-600)           

X-Boxx Li-Ion Charger 26.0V 4.0A (XB-25C)           

2 x IEC - C13 (13Amp)    

2 x 3pin XLR Power Cable             

D-Tap (Male) to Splitter Cable (4x Female) (PC-11)            

2pin Lemo (Male) to 4x D-tap (F)               

2 x Flight Case  

NEW 4x4 Polythene Bag (£1.16)                 

NEW TBA Round (Plain)  (£1.44) 1

Hire the Red Ranger Monstro 8k VV from Procam Take 2.
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