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Soundcraft M12 Mixer

The Soundcraft M12 is ideal for recording and live sound applications, delivering a great-sounding, reliable performance, session after session, mix after mix. Clever, robust design and integral rack mounting system equipping the M Series M12 instantly for a life on the road. The Spirit M12 is exceptionally easy to use. The control surface will be immediately familiar to anyone who has used a mixer before and will quickly become second nature even to a novice. 

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All inputs, EQ, auxes, panning and level controls are presented clearly, saving you time when creating your mixes and providing you with more time to spend on achieving the best sound. High quality 100mm faders combine with signal and peak LEDs on every channel and high resolution output metering places the operator in total control. You`ll find no unsightly screw heads anywhere on the M12 front panel to get in the way of your mixing, while a durable, multi-coat paint finish, ensures that a Spirit M12 console always looks as good as it sounds. The Soundcraft Spirit M12 features 12 mono input channels, four stereo inputs and four stereo returns. It also has a useful S/PDIF Digital output and Direct outputs ( pre or post fade ) on all mono channels.

  • Rugged for the road, high quality sound for the studio, this Soundcraft Spirit M Series mixer is highly versatile
  • 12 Low noise, low distortion and RF rejection mic preamps
  • Great British EQ, 3-band EQ (swept mid)
  • Ground tracking architecture minimises noise and hum
  • 100mm fader throw
  • Professional grade connections throughout
  • IMaster gain control on all aux busses
  • Switchable direct outputs
  • Intelligent rackmounting system
  • Direct outputs ( pre or post fade ) on all mono channels
  • Signal present and peak LEDs on all input channels
  • Mute and PFL on all input channels
  • Global 48V phantom power
  • 4 Stereo inputs
  • 4 auxiliary sends - 2 pre-fade, 2 post-fade
  • 4 Stereo returns & return master for FX returns
  • S/PDIF Digital output
  • Soundcraft M12 Mixer
  • IEC - C13 (13Amp)
  • Flightcase for M12 Mixer (19x56x64cm)

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