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Sound Devices 664 Mixer Recorder

The 664 Field Production Mixer is the flagship in Sound Devices’ line of portable audio mixers. It has 12 analogue inputs, four output buses, and records these 16 tracks to both CF and SD cards. 

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This unprecedented amount of I/O connectivity and recording capability makes the 664 perfect for a wide range of production applications.

12 Inputs
The 664 has six ultra-low noise, high-dynamic-range mic/line inputs. These transformer-less preamps offer analogue peak limiters, high-pass filters, input trim controls, and direct outputs. Input connectors 1 and 6 can be selected to accept AES42 or AES3 digital signals. Six line-level inputs, 7 through 12, are available by reassigning direct outputs as inputs from the Input Setup Menu. With an attached CL-6 Controller, inputs 7-12 have dedicated fader control.

Output Flexibility
In complex, multi-camera productions, output flexibility is essential. The 664 offers three sets of balanced left/right outputs. Two additional output buses, X1 and X2, appear on balanced TA3 connectors. XLR and multi-pin outputs are selectable to AES3 digital.

Recording Capability
The 664 can record all inputs and output buses, for 16 record tracks. Recordings are saved to CompactFlash and SD cards as either 16- or 24-bit Broadcast WAV files. Scene, take, track, notes, and time code metadata are recorded with the file. All popular production sampling rates are supported. MP3 recording is available for transcription applications.

The 664 was designed with knowledge gained from the industry’s top engineers and from Sound Devices’ expertise in portable mixers. Important controls are on dedicated knobs and switches, while additional features are quickly accessed through the intuitive LCD-based menu control.

Integrated Time Code
With the mixer's built-in, rock-steady Ambient time code generator, multiple devices can operate in synchronisation. The 664 operates as either a time code master clock or its clock can be jammed from external time code. A helpful time code compare utility shows the difference between internal and external time code.

  • Sound Devices 664 Mixer Recorder
  • 552 Tails (Dual3XLR/5XLR) (BARCODED)
  • 552 Tails (Dual3XLR/Minijack) (BARCODED)
  • 552 Umbilical-Camcorder (BARCODED)
  • 2x XLR Male-3pin Tini leads
  • 2x XLR Female - 3Pin Tini leads
  • 6x XLR Female - 3Pin Tini leads
  • Timecode Out - Lemo Cable
  • 2x 16GB  CF Card for audio
  • 2x Sandisk 16GB Extreme Pro SD Card
  • Lexar USB3 Dual card reader for Audio
  • 2x IDX NP-L7S Battery
  • NP Charger
  • Hawk-Woods NP Adaptor
  • HD 25 Headphones c/w 1/4" Adaptor
  • Petrol PS617 Audio Bag
  • Raincover for PS614/617 Bag

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