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Tribe7 BLACKWING7 T-Tuned Prime Lenses

Purpose-designed for large format motion picture imaging, BLACKWING7 lenses from TRIBE7 represent an entirely new range of tuned optics for contemporary film makers to use within their creative story telling.

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BLACKWING7 optics exhibit unique imaging properties which arise from the introduction of controlled distortion during the development and manufacturing processes. This distortion is modular and allows a level of tuneability over key parameters which shape many creative characteristics of the lenses.

The set includes: 27, 37, 47, 57, 77, 107 & 137mm T-Tuned.

  • The 27-T has the highest central sharpness of all BLACKWING7 T-variants, with good rectilinear imaging, subtle halation, low breathing and good field illumination across the frame.
  • The 37-T has a large image circle, suitable for 65mm format capture, has good central contrast and the strongest pupil flare characteristic of all the BLACKWING7 T-tuned lenses. The overall look of the 37-T is unique within the BLACKWING7 range.
  • The 47-T has softer halation properties than the 57-T, with more controlled flare and shallower roll-off across the frame. The 47-T is the workhorse BLACKWING7 focal length for large format 35mm capture.
  • The 57-T has a high level of edge halation wide open, and a smooth, soft image with a creamy overall look as the lens is stopped down. The 57-T has a vibrant lenticular flare characteristic similar to the 37-T, and is a hero focal length for 65mm format capture.
  • The 77-T offers beautiful, almost painterly imaging qualities. The lens has low contrast and is creamy-smooth wide open, with a subtle level of edge halation, and accentuated roll-off.
  • The 107-T has relatively modest sharpness for a telephoto focal length — allowing flattering portraiture whilst still retaining good micro-contrast to render distant fine textures accurately. The lens has smooth halation at high contrast edges and a creamy bokeh.
  • The 137-T has characteristics like the 107-T BLACKWING7 prime, with good flare control and slightly higher contrast. Though well and truly a telephoto focal length, wide open the lens has a subtle softness and retains the BLACKWING7 vintage “look”.

Front Diameter: 104mm

Weight: Ranges from 3.6lbs to 4.3lbs per lens

Aperture: T1.9

Tribe7 BLACKWING7 T-Tuned Prime Lenses - 27, 37, 47, 57, 77, 107 & 137mm 

Hire the Tribe7 BLACKWING7 T-Tuned Prime Lenses from Procam Take 2.
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