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London 020 7622 9888
Manchester 0161 604 0701
Leeds 0113 350 4844
Glasgow 0141 429 4200
Edinburgh 0131 229 5000
New York +1 212 633 1888

How to open an account

Please complete an account application form in full and to the best of your knowledge before we proceed with your hire. You can download the form at the bottom of this page.

Below is a list of requirements, these requirements are needed before the 1st hire proceeds.

  1. Account forms completed with trade references.

  2. Copy of Insurance or cover note stating that your company or production is covered for any hired-in Equipment * IMPORTANT - YOU MUST REFER TO THE INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS Please click here to find out more. Ensure that your Insurer has permission to give Procam confirmation that the cover is still valid
  3. Payment paid up front in advance for the 1st few hires until the account has been well established.

    (Once the account has been processed, the payment terms will be advised)

  4. A Copy of your Company Letterhead or draft invoice if a freelancer

  5. A Signed copy of Procam Take 2’s Terms & Conditions

*Due to new policy regulations we cannot cover our clients under Procam Take 2's insurance policy.

We can however recommend an insurance company for hired in equipment.

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Please note that we require the policy cover letter to state that your company is covered for hired in equipment.

We will need to verify the following information with your broker, once the cover letter is submitted to our accounts team.

  1. Company Name must match the account application form
  2. Must state Cover for Hired in Equipment
  3. The Value of Cover, must equal/ exceed the value of the items being hired from us. Please request this information from your Procam Take 2 account manager.
  4. Must confirm the Expiry Date of the policy
  5. Please supply the contact details for your broker
    a. Please ensure that you’ve given your broker permission for our accounts team to be in touch with them

Please refer to Procam Take 2’s terms & conditions if you require clarity on the insurance items.

Procam Take 2 Account Form Procam Take 2 Account Application 2021.pdf
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