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Camera, Grip & Lighting Rental in the UK and US from Procam Take 2 London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and New York

Procam Take 2 is your leading digital cinematography and motion picture equipment rental facility, providing cameras, lenses, and monitors, as well as audio, lighting, and grip. Browse our extensive inventory of equipment, where you’ll find the latest digital cameras, including the ARRI ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini LF, Sony VENICE, and RED RANGER MONSTRO 8K VV, alongside 16mm and 35mm film cameras, vintage lenses, and more.

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At Procam Take 2, we are passionate about investing in the next generation of technical talent, and play an active role in promoting diversity, equality and opportunity in the film and TV sectors. 



For more information, email careers@procamtake2.com


If your production needs don't fit within a box, we will build one for you

We plan, support, and execute complex large-scale productions in collaboration with some of the UK's top production companies.

Our knowledge, experience, and technical skills provide production companies with full project and technical management, location, and crew support. As a full-service offering, our projects division offers bespoke solutions, from pre-commission and all stages of production, through to delivery. 

For more information, email projects@procamtake2.com

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