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Angenieux Optimo 25-250 T3.9 PL Lens

A wider spectrum of production content is migrating to cinematic look with 4K quality, and requires equipment's that’s adaptable to large variety of cameras, configurations, and budgets.

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The 25-250 is a quality, all purpose zoom meeting most production needs with desirable 25mm WA position, 10x range and weight of 16lbs. The Style series is fully compatible with the latest generation of digital cameras, with the resolution 4K and higher.

  • Low chromatic aberration, telecentricity and low distortion, ideal for high performance S35 digital cameras

  • Optimo quality and cinematic look at an affordable price

  • Optical design optimised for today’s large format single sensor middle budget cameras with extended compatibility

  • Internal focus with minimal breathing

  • Image circle of 31.4mm diagonal for perfect illumination of the S35 sensors

  • Very robust and precise zoom and focus mechanics with Angénieux unique rod guiding system design

  • Precise focus marks with easily interchangeable focus scale ring from feet to meters

  • Integrated filter holder for standard screw in filters

  • Designed for easy maintenance

  • Angenieux Optimo 25-250 T3.9 PL Lens
  • 3/8" Lens Support Adaptor (FITTED)
  • Arri BP-6 Bridge Plate & Sliding Rail
  • Long Sliding Rail (For Baseplate)
  • 300mm/12" Dovetail Plate
  • Ronford 19mm Bar Support (For Sliding Rail)
  • 3/8 X 3/4" Screw for 600mm Dovetail (RB)
  • Arri LS-9 35mm Lens Support (19mm Bars)
  • 600mm x 19mm Bars

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