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Sk8plate Dolly Plate & 100mm Bowl

Sk8plate is a small lightweight dolly/slider & skater that will run on tracks on the ground or set the rails by one man to any height off 2 tripods set at either end or 2 lighting stands with 29mm spigot receiver sockets (baby combo stands from Avenger or Manfrotto) or can be set from a combination of both, which many a camera person will have as standard in their kit.

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The dolly will also run on cheap plastic track such as water waste pipe if placed the ground.
Sk8plates biggest virtue, is being able to track over any uneven conditions or tracking across an incline by setting the tripods or stands to level the track at any height needed.

Sk8plate has another unique trick. When running on tracks, you can also invert the bowl mount so as to undersling the fluidhead allowing the camera to pass overhead or run the lens height literally just off the ground. It will also convert to a standard Hi-Hat without the wheels and arms, thus allowing the cameraman to travel without another piece of equipment.

  • A small frame rail dolly constructed of aircraft grade heavy duty aluminium 
  • Stainless steel yet light weight enough to travel anywhere needed
  • Sk8plate Dolly Plate & 100mm Bowl
  • 2x Sk8 Track Support Arm
  • 2x Sk8 5ft5/165cm Aluminium Track
  • 2x Sk8 8ft/243cm Aluminium Track
  • 2x Arri Medium Duty Stand

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